The Long Island Flying Eagles

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Fickle Finger of Flight

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Fickle Finger of Flight


Each month at the club meeting, the gathered members award the person with the most spectacular "non landing". This perpetual award which is handed down from one winner to the next is our Fickle Finger of Flight. Occasionally a member confesses to the deed themselves but usually it is casually mentioned by someone who was at the field at the time of the incident. When several "incidents" occur during the month, the winner is chosen by a member vote. Most of these incidents are of course caused by radio glitches (dumb thumbs), wind or turbulence (dumb thumbs), or occasionally dumb thumbs.




As there was no Meeting during January, the Fickle Finger of Flight was not awarded.


There was only one candidate for the award this month. Why is that you ask? Because there was only one person who actually did any flying. Your webmaster, Stuart Chale was given up by his own son as crashing his Ikarus F3A shock flyer during an indoor flying session. Of course everyone knows, if you fly foamies you are likely to crash them.




The picture shows the results of the nose in crash. Cause was of course dumb thumbs. However 15 minutes later the plane was repaired and flying as the video demonstrates.



Foam planes are fairly easy to glue back together with a little foam safe CA and kicker. However you can only repair the same area so many times before it is predominately a sheet of CA with a little bit of foam in between. The picture below shows the nose of the plane after a little cosmetic surgery. (Nose chopped off and replaces with "healthy" depron foam.


There were three contestants for the Fickle Finger this month. All were deserving in that the crashes were really due to errors in aircraft preperation that should not have been made. Not the usual dumb thumb errors. Stuart for his stupidity of placing a new landing setting on the same switch as throttle hold which he had forgotten was programmed into the radio. See the I am an Idiot thread in the forum. He got one vote from Tony. Charlie for forgetting to strap in his battery pack. After a gentle crash from an uncontrolled inverted flat spin the pack was found lodged in the tail section of his Extra. Charlie did mention that the pack was at least initially plugged in and a clip applied to the connectioin. (I guess the clip wasn't that strong). Charlie received a few votes for his error. Last but not least Chuck described one of Tony's flights as I don't have it - I got it - I don't have it, and then full bore into the ground. Not only did he re-kit the plane but he re-kitted the engine. Not an easy feat. So why should radio failure be awarded the Fickle Finger? Well Tony figured that if the new 2.4 ghz radios can use a 4 inch antenna and work normally, why shouldn't his planes. You see Tony forgot to hook up his antenna. It remained rolled up inside of the fuse. Except for the few who voted for Charlie, the rest voted for Tony.

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