The Long Island Flying Eagles

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1.1            The name of the organization shall be: The Long Island Flying Eagles, Inc. (L.I.F.E.)


2.1            To promote social and friendly association among the members of the Club.

2.2            To encourage and promote interest in model airplane ownership and operation for the benefit of the members of the Club.

2.3            To hold competitions and exhibitions as decided by the membership of the Club.

2.4            To purchase, lease or otherwise acquire and hold, own, use and operate real and personal property and equipment as may be required and/or desired for the use of the membership in furtherance of the purposes and interests of the Club.


3.1            BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The Board of Directors shall be composed of five elected members, consisting of:                                    President

                                                Senior Vice President

                                                Vice President



3.1.1        DUTIES: The duties of the Board of Directors shall include:

a.      Making all decisions concerning Club policies (Subject to review by the membership).

b.     Making all decisions concerning membership (Subject to review by the membership).

c.      Making assessments as necessary for the benefit of the Club.

d.     Making and/or approving all expenditures of Club funds except expenditures of $300.00 and over. Expenditures of $300.00 and over shall be subject to the approval of the membership or, in emergencies, the Board of Appeals.

e.      Keeping the membership informed on a regular basis of all expenditures of Club funds.

f.      As necessary and subject to review by the membership, amending the By-laws whenever such amendments are deemed to be in the best interests of the Club.

g.     Serving as, or appointing and supervising the activities of, Service Officers of the Club.

3.1.2        NOMINATIONS AND ELECTIONS: Nominations for the Board of Directors shall be made and seconded at the October meeting, and published in the Meeting Minutes/Newsletter. Elections shall be held at the December meeting or, in the event that no meeting is held in December, at the next membership meeting. Election will be by majority vote of Club members present at the meeting and written and signed proxy ballots received by the meeting.            A Member seeking an office must have been a Regular Member in good standing for two (2) consecutive years prior to running for office.

3.1.3        TERM OF OFFICE: Members of the Board of Directors shall serve one-year terms, April 1st through March 31st, or until a replacement is available or until removed for cause by action of the Board of Appeals.

3.1.4        OPERATING RULES:

a.      A quorum of four officers is required for a Board of Directors meeting to be legally constituted.

b.     A quorum must be present for decisions of the Board of Directors to be binding.

c.      Minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors must be kept when any officer is absent, but a quorum is present.

3.1.5        RESIGNATIONS AND TERMINATIONS: Any vacancies occurring on the Board of Directors will be filled by a special election as per Article 3.1.2 (Nominations and Elections). Resignations must be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors.

3.2            Roles of the Officers

3.2.1            President

The President shall be the chief executive officer of the Corporation (AKA The Club). He shall preside at all meetings of the Membership and/or the Board. He shall oversee the general management of the Club and shall see that all orders and resolutions as directed by the Membership and/or the Board are carried into effect.

3.2.2        Senior Vice-President

The Senior Vice-President shall perform such duties as the Board shall assign. In the absence or disability of the President, the Senior Vice-President shall assume all the powers and functions of the President.

3.2.3        Vice-President

The Vice-President shall perform such duties as the Board shall assign. During an absence or disability of the Senior Vice-president, the Vice-President shall assume all powers and functions then assigned to the Senior Vice-President.

3.2.4        Secretary

The Secretary shall keep and publish the minutes of meetings of the Membership and the Board. He shall be the primary channel for correspondence to and from the Club. He shall be designated as the point-of-contact for all correspondence to/from the AMA. He shall maintain a roster distinguishing between Regular, Junior and Honorary Members. He shall perform such other duties as required to maintain appropriate documentation and records for the Club.

3.2.5        Treasurer

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the care and custody of all Club funds and securities and shall deposit said funds in the name of the Corporation in such bank or trust company as the Board may elect. He shall disburse such monies as shall be required and approved by the Board and/or the Membership for the benefit of the Corporation. He shall report to the Membership on a regular basis, but not less than quarterly, the status of the Treasury, including, but not limited to, balance on hand, expenditures, and income.

3.2.6        Safety Coordinator

The Safety Coordinator shall be an appointed Service Officer of the Club. He

shall function as the conduit for all issues related to safety within the Club and as the primary interface with AMA on such matters. He shall receive inputs (i.e., complaints, recommendations, observations, etc.) and, when warranted, present such information as he deems appropriate to the Board and/or the Membership for consideration and disposition.


4.1            Composition: The Board of Appeals shall be composed of five active members in good standing, none of whom may be members of the Board of Directors at the same time.

Service on the Board of Appeals shall be on a voluntary basis. In the event sufficient members do not volunteer, the Board of Directors will fill out the Board of Appeals by appointment from the general membership roster.

4.1.1        Chairman: A Chairman shall be elected by the members of the Board of Appeals at the first meeting of the Board following constitution of the Board.

4.1.2        If a member of the Board of Appeals is party to the appeal, a volunteer or, lacking a volunteer, an appointee shall temporarily replace that member for consideration of that appeal.

4.2            Terms of Office: The term of office for a member of the Board of Appeals shall be for one year. Service on the Board shall not constitute a barrier to running for any other Board or Office of the Club, but election to such Board or Office shall require immediate resignation from the Board of Appeals.

4.3            Duties:

4.3.1        Hearing and arbitrating grievances of general members against the Board of Directors.

4.3.2        Reviewing and approving, as necessary, the actions of the Board of Directors regarding membership and Club policies.

4.3.3        Decisions of the Board of Appeals are final and are not subject to further appeal.


5.1            All members and applicants for membership must have a current and valid Model Airplane Sporting License issued by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). AMA membership is a prerequisite to membership in L.I.F.E. Club privileges will be suspended immediately upon lapse of AMA membership. Reinstatement is contingent upon renewal of AMA membership.

5.2            Applications for membership, including Junior and Honorary Membership, will be submitted to the Board of Directors for review and approval.

5.2.1        An active Regular Member in good standing must sponsor each applicant at the time Membership is accepted. A Member may sponsor only one (1) applicant in any given calendar year (January 1 through December 31).

5.2.2        Upon notification that an applicant has a sponsor, the Board will tender to the applicant an offer of membership, providing that:    Current membership is below the established limit.    Any applicant of prior record (i.e., date of submitted application) having a sponsor has been tendered an offer of membership.    A minimum of two months (60 days) has elapsed since the applicant’s application was submitted.

5.2.3        Upon acceptance of the offer of Membership, an Applicant will be granted Probationary Membership for a period of 12 months. A Probationary Member will be afforded all the rights and privileges of Regular L.I.F.E. membership except he may not vote or sponsor Guests to fly at the Club field. The Membership in attendance at the first Club meeting following the conclusion of the Probationary Period shall vote by secret ballot on the acceptance of the Probationary Member. A negative vote by five (5) or more Members shall constitute rejection of the Probationary Member. In that case, the Probationary Member shall be refunded his Initiation Fee, but any dues paid by the Probationary Member shall be considered compensation for use of the Club field and facilities during the Probationary Period. The Probationary Member will be informed of the results of the vote, Acceptance or Rejection, within one (1) week of the vote.

5.2.4        In the event Membership has reached the established limit, applications will be accepted to a “Wait List” of no more than five (5) applications. Admission to the Club will be offered when an opening occurs in the order in which the completed applications were received. An applicant who declines Membership when offered will be removed from the “Wait List”.

5.2.5        A “Lapsed Member” applying for re-admission within twelve (12) months of the start of said Lapse, will be added to the “Wait List” regardless of the number of applications in hand. No additional “Wait List” applications will be accepted until the “Wait List” falls below the stated maximum.

5.3            Membership shall be limited to 50 members, exclusive of Junior and Honorary Members. A Junior Member, upon reaching the age of 19, shall automatically become a Regular member even if this will exceed the Club Roster limit. In this case, no new members will be inducted until the Roster falls below the 50-member limit.

5.4            Members are expected to be active, participating in no less than three Club activities in each calendar year (i.e., January through December). Participation includes, but is not limited to attendance at Club meetings, helping with flying field maintenance and repair, and participation in Club contests/demonstrations (flying and/or working). It is understood that circumstances occasionally may preclude active participation in Club activities and, when this happens, a Club officer is to be advised.

5.5            Junior Membership

5.5.1        A Junior Member must be under the age of nineteen (19).

5.5.2        A Junior Member must be accompanied at the field by a parent/legal guardian or other adult holding written authorization from the parent/legal guardian to act in his/her behalf. It will be the responsibility of the parent or authorized adult to remain with the Junior Member throughout the flying session.

5.6            Honorary Membership

5.6.1        An Honorary Member is an individual that is designated as a Member of L.I.F.E. because of exemplary prior service and/or support to the Club or such other circumstances as may be approved by the Membership.

5.6.2        An Honorary Member shall be exempt from annual dues and assessments.

5.6.3        An Honorary Member shall not be entitled to hold any office, nor shall he/she have any voting privileges.

5.6.4        An Honorary Member shall be entitled to attend meetings, receive all publications, participate in all Club events, and enjoy all other privileges of L.I.F.E. membership.

5.6.5        Honorary Membership shall be granted on an annual basis and shall be subject to review by the Membership at the start of each Club year.

5.7            Dues and Fees

5.7.1        All memberships shall run from October 1st through September 30th.

5.7.2        An Initiation Fee of $50.00 shall be assessed upon all new members at the time of their acceptance for membership. The Initiation Fee shall not apply to re-instated members lapsed for less than thirty-six (36) months.

5.7.3        Annual dues and assessments shall be paid upon attaining membership status.

5.7.4        Annual Membership dues shall be $125.00 for Senior Members and $35.00 for Junior Members. For new members joining June 1st or later, dues will be prorated at $15.00 per month or any part thereof for Senior Members and $5.00 per month or any part thereof for Junior Members through September. Dues for re-instated Members will be the same as for new members if their membership has been lapsed for twelve (12) months or more. Dues for re-instated members lapsed for less than one (1) year will be at the full annual rate.

5.7.5        Annual Dues are due October 1st, but shall be payable without penalty through December 31st. Members in arrears as of the November meeting shall be notified by mail or electronically. Members in arrears as of January 1st will be dropped from the Club roster and all rights and privileges of Club membership shall be rescinded, including use of the Club flying field.

5.8            Lapsed Members

5.8.1        A lapsed Member may apply for reinstatement at any time without penalty within thirty-six (36) months of the start of a new Club year, contingent upon either:

(a)             The Club Roster not having reached its established cap.

(b)             There being no Wait-Listed applications ahead of the Lapsed Member.

5.8.2        A Lapsed Member who applies for reinstatement more than thirty-six (36) months after the start of the Club Year shall be considered a new applicant and, therefore, shall be subject to all the rules and conditions appropriate thereto.

ARTICLE VI - Membership Meetings

6.1            Regular meetings shall be held on the first Friday of each month unless circumstances warrant otherwise. Meetings will commence nominally at 7:30 PM. Members will be notified of any changes to the meeting schedule via the previous meeting minutes or other means as appropriate prior to the original and revised meeting date and time.

6.2            Order of Business – The Order of Business at all regular meetings will be as follows:

Member sign-in

Approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting

Reports of Officers/Committees as appropriate

Old and unfinished business

New business

Special events

Model of the Month

Fickle Finger of Flight

Raffles as authorized by the Board


ARTICLE VII – Committees

7.1            The Board of Directors may elicit and/or designate from the general membership such committees as shall be deemed necessary for the good of the Club. A Chairman of each committee shall be elected by the members of the committee or, failing that, appointed by the Board of Directors.

ARTICLE VIII – Field Safety Rules

8.1            It is the responsibility of all Club members to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the Club Field Safety rules (Appendix 1). Strict adherence to these rules is mandatory for all Members. Frequent and/or flagrant violation may result in suspension or termination of membership.

ARTICLE IX – Termination of Membership

9.1            Causes for termination

9.1.1        Non-payment of dues

9.1.2        Lapse of AMA membership that extends beyond March 31st of the current Club year.

9.1.3        Non-participation in Club activities

9.1.4        Frequent and/or flagrant violation of Club Bylaws

9.1.5        Frequent and/or flagrant violation of AMA and/or Field Safety Rules

9.2            Termination Process

Any Member may advise the Board of a perceived violation. Upon receipt of such advisement, the Board will determine the merit of the allegation and, if deemed to have merit, will follow the procedure set forth in the following articles:

9.2.1        First Violation

Upon agreement of 3 of 5 Board members, a Member of the Board shall issue a verbal warning directly to the Member in violation. Such warning shall indicate the nature of the violation and the date of occurrence. Subsequent to issuing the warning, the Board Member shall document the contact to the Secretary in writing. The documentation shall include, as a minimum, the name of the Member in violation, the nature of the violation and date of occurrence, the date of the verbal warning, and the response, if any, of the Member in violation. The Secretary shall retain the documentation in the Club files.

9.2.2        Second Violation

Upon agreement of 4 of 5 Board members, the Secretary shall transmit to the Member in violation, written notification of the violation. The notification shall include, as a minimum, the date and nature of the violation as well as the determination of the Board and a warning that any further violation could result in termination of membership. The Secretary shall retain a copy of the notification in the Club files.

9.2.3        Third Violation

Upon unanimous agreement of the Board members, the Member in violation shall be terminated from membership in the Club (or such lesser penalty, such as suspension for a specified period, as the Board may deem appropriate), effective immediately. The Secretary shall provide to the Member in violation written notification of the decision of the Board. The notification shall include the chronology of the violations (i.e., nature and date of each violation) that led to the decision of the Board.

9.3            Exceptions

9.3.1        Non-payment of dues ( Article 9.1.1) is not subject to the process of Article 9.2. The process appropriate to this violation is clearly defined in Article 5.7.5.

9.3.2        In the event of extreme violation (e.g., malicious intent, violent behavior), the Board may, by unanimous decision, immediately proceed to and follow the process defined in Article 9.2.3 without the prior warnings.

9.4            Right of Appeal

At any point in the termination process, a Member deemed in violation may challenge the ruling to the Board of Appeals per Article IV of these Bylaws.

9.4.1        If the appeal is upheld, all record of the challenged incident must be expunged from the Club files. The Member shall be treated as if the incident had never occurred.

9.4.2        If the appeal is rejected, there shall be no jeopardy attached to the Member in violation for having made the appeal. The termination process shall be resumed from the point of the appeal.

9.5            Financial Considerations

In the event the foregoing process results in termination, the terminated Member shall receive a prorated refund of his annual dues in the amount of $10 per month or any part thereof remaining in the current Club year (defined as ending September 30th).

ARTICLE X – Amendments to the Bylaws

10.1            Amendments to the Club Bylaws may be proposed only at the January meeting (If, for any reason, the January meeting is cancelled, this opportunity will be transferred to the next scheduled meeting and all subsequent milestones in the process shall slip accordingly) Any Member (or group of Members) shall have the opportunity to propose such amendments.

10.2         If, after discussion, a simple majority of the members in attendance at that meeting agree to the proposal or some modification thereof, the resultant proposal shall be included in the published minutes of that meeting.

10.3         A formal vote on the proposed amendment(s) shall take place at the March meeting providing 30 days have elapsed from the publication of the proposed amendment(s) as determined by postmark/e-mail transmission date.

10.4         Each proposed amendment shall be voted upon individually and shall be adopted if three-quarters (3/4) of the Regular and Junior Members assembled at the time of the vote are in favor of the amendment. Amended Bylaws will become effective immediately upon the vote.

10.5         The Secretary will report the results of the voting in the published minutes of that meeting.

10.6         The amended Bylaws will be distributed to each active Member of the Club as either “pen-and-ink” changes to the existing Bylaws or complete replacement of the existing Bylaw package, at the discretion of the Secretary, based on his judgment of the extent of the amendments.

10.7         The Executive Board shall have the authority to call for emergency consideration of proposed amendments to the Bylaws at any time, provided that Four (4) of the Five (5) Members of the Board are in agreement that such action is warranted. Upon such action, the process as defined in Articles 10.2 through 10.6 shall be applied.




Field Safety Rules

1.            Absolutely no alcoholic beverages of any kind are allowed at the Field.

2.              All pilots must carry their current AMA license at all times. Under no circumstances will an individual be permitted to fly at the Club flying site if he/she does not have a current AMA license in their possession

3.              All pilots must abide by all AMA Safety Rules.

4.            Fixed and rotary-winged aircraft are authorized for use at the field.

5.            Members will behave in a sportsmanlike manner at all times.

6.          All members are required to police and remove all refuse from the Field at the conclusion of their           flying for the day.

7.     Frequency Control:

a.               For all contests and/or scheduled events, all transmitters will be placed in the designated impound area upon arrival at the field.

b.              All transmitters must carry a clearly visible, AMA-type, frequency number at all times.

c.               All pilots must carry frequency pins specifying the radio channel and the pilot’s name and use them on the frequency board.

d.              All transmitters, when not in use, will have their antennas in the collapsed position.

e.               Pilots must announce the turning on of their frequency prior to actual turn-on.

f.               If there are more than two pilots on the same frequency, a maximum of fifteen (15) minutes will be allowed to each pilot

8.     All non-flying participants and spectators must stay clear of the designated flight line.

9.     Any designated Flight Instructor may request a checkout of any aircraft or item of support equipment at any time.

10.   All new models or models repaired after major damage shall be inspected by a designated Flight Instructor prior to first flight.

11.   A radio range check must be performed prior to the first flight of the day for any aircraft.

12.   A mechanical hold-back (Stooge) or a second person is to be used for any aircraft run up in the pit area.

13.   A suitable fire extinguisher must be in close proximity whenever a gasoline-powered engine is being started or run up in the pit area.

14.   All models are to be equipped with muffler systems adequate to comply with AMA standards for noise levels.

15.   All models must comply with AMA safety requirements (e.g., rounded spinner or acorn-style prop nut).

16.   Taxiing aircraft in or through the pit area is prohibited.

17.   All take-offs and landings must be announced.

18.   Take-offs and landings must be made into the wind. Downwind landings are limited to emergency situations only. An emergency landing must be announced.

19.   No more than 4 models shall be permitted in the air at one time.

20.   There will be no flying during field mowing operations.

21.   There will be NO flying over the pit or spectator areas at any time.

22.   A landing aircraft has the right of way over all others except for “Dead Stick” aircraft

23.   A pilot must announce “On The Field” to other pilots before going on the field to retrieve aircraft. There will be no landing of aircraft while aircraft are being retrieved.

24.   All personnel are responsible for warning pilots of the approach of a low flying, full-scale aircraft. Upon such warning, all pilots will reduce altitude of their model aircraft to 100 feet or less.

25.   No person shall attempt to fly a model without being accompanied by a designated Flight Instructor or, in the case of an experienced pilot, a Regular Club Member unless they have demonstrated a minimum flight proficiency level as specified by the Pilot Qualification procedure defined in Appendix 2 of these Bylaws.

26.   Guests (i.e., non-Club members) who have a current AMA membership in their possession, may fly at the Club field while under the sponsorship of a Club Member in good standing a maximum of three (3) times. Guests who do not hold current AMA membership may also fly a maximum of three (3) times, but must fly on a “Buddy Box”, under the control of a designated Flight Instructor. The Sponsor must be present while a guest is flying and accept responsibility for assuring that the guest flies in accordance with Club Field Safety Rules.

27.   Extreme care is to be exercised not to destroy crops when retrieving a downed aircraft from adjacent farm fields. No more than two people are to walk into a planted field to retrieve an aircraft.


For your personal safety, it is strongly recommended that you do not attempt to fly while alone at the Field.

For the safety of others, please keep the speed of your automobile to an absolute minimum when entering or leaving the Field. Watch out for children in the area.

Appendix 2





1.     Pilot Qualification is required of all incoming Club members.

2.     Prior to Qualification;

a.      A new Member will be issued a WHITE Club Card entitling him to all the rights and privileges of Membership appropriate to his tenure in the Club.

b.     Experienced Pilots must fly under the sponsorship of a Regular Club Member.

c.      Beginner Pilots must fly on a Buddy Box under the direction of a Club Certified Instructor.

3.     A Beginner Pilot shall be instructed by one or more Certified Club Instructors until such time as the Instructor(s) consider the Beginner Pilot ready to perform the Pilot Qualification Demonstration.

4.     An Experienced Pilot may opt to perform the Pilot Qualification Demonstration at any time he wishes, contingent upon making arrangements for the presence of Club Certified Instructors.

5.     Prior to the start of the Pilot Qualification Demonstration, the Club Certified Instructors shall confirm by verbal examination that the Pilot has a working knowledge of the Club’s Field Safety Rules.

6.     The Pilot Qualification Demonstration will consist of two solo flights, each flight encompassing all specified elements of the demonstration. Failure of any one of the elements will require the repeat of the entire demonstration flight. Two (2) Club Certified Instructors must each witness two demonstration flights.

7.     Upon successful completion of the Pilot Qualification Demonstration, the Instructors shall each sign-off the Pilot Qualification Demonstration record and, at that time, the Pilot will be considered to be fully qualified.

8.     Upon receipt of a properly executed Pilot Qualification Demonstration record, the Club Secretary shall issue to the qualified Pilot a Club Card appropriate to the current Club Year.




Pilot Qualification Record

PILOT NAME:__________________________PHONE:_______________________

INSTRUCTOR:______________________       PHONE:_______________________




















Pilot Qualification Demonstration








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