The Long Island Flying Eagles

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Fri Aug 04 @20:00 - 10:00PM
Club Meeting



The Long Island Flying Eagles, sometimes referred to as LIFE (and felt by some to be an integral part of it), is a Club of no more than 60 members devoted to the hobby of Radio Controlled Model Airplanes. We are affiliated with the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and LIFE members must be enrolled and current in the AMA. Although we do indulge in all manner of things that are radio controlled (i.e., helicopters, sailplanes, etc.), our primary addiction is to fixed wing aircraft.

Our members span the full range of RC interest and capability, from ground squirrels (who thoroughly enjoy the hobby without ever having flown a model airplane) to master modelers(who can make a model airplane do everything except vacuum the floors). Club Certified Instructors are available to help aspiring pilots get from here (brand new, beginner, intermediate, whatever) to there (adequate, expert, or beyond). Expert builders lend a willing hand to anyone who asks for help (and, to be honest, to a few who don't ask, but should). The Club maintains a flying site just south of Exit 69 on the LIE. The field is available every day of the week from 9 AM 'till dusk. No flying weekends in November and December. No flying at all January, February, or March.

We hold a number of events every year to spur members' interests such as Fun Flys (rather off-beat contests designed to let pilots of all skill levels participate and enjoy themselves in the process) and one show (The Wally Show) staged for the general public at Sunken Meadow State Park (More About Wally Show Here) . While we are always on the lookout for new events, our focus remains on having fun with competition being of secondary importance.

The Club meets on the first Friday of every month, at the Brookhaven Town Henrietta Acompora Recreation Center in Blue Point, starting more-or-less at 8 PM, but definitely ending by 10 PM because that's when they throw us out. At these meetings we conduct the necessary business of the Club and, from time-to-time, hold presentations on various aspects of the hobby. We also recognize talent (Model of the Month competition), hold raffles of fuel, kits and other assorted goodies, and get into whatever else might interest the membership. We always make time for tall tales (or flawed memories) of our modeling experiences.

To be offered Membership, an applicant must be sponsored by a current Regular Member of the Club. The first year of Membership is a probationary period, at the conclusion of which the Membership grants (or, if there is a real problem, rejects) full Membership. Every new Member must fly under supervision until he/she demonstrates adequate flying skills.

On the financial front, new members pay a one-time Initiation Fee of $50, due and payable when membership is accepted and Annual Dues are $150 (the Club's year is 1 October through 30 September).


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